The iPad Experience: Best Buy Edition

Me: Hey, iPad! Mind if I install this cool KoboBooks app I’ve heard so much about?

iPad: Sure thing! Just gimme your iTunes password.

Me: I don’t have an iTunes account.

iPad: No account, no software.

Me: Ok…Let’s just fire up, so I can check my email.

iPad: Nope.

Me: No?! I can’t check my email?

iPad: Sure thing! Just enter your .Mac password…

Me: Screw this. I’m buying a netbook.

Apple’s Garden is Walled, with Locked Gates

I’ve just been reminded why I left Mac for Linux.

Me (to store rep): “Can I install and play with some apps on this demo iPad so I can decide if I want to buy one?”

Rep: “Nope. Use just what’s installed.”

…and that’s when I left. If I can’t be allowed into the Walled Garden of Apple long enough to decide if I want to spend some money there, I’ll stick with my open-source.

I’m off to Best Buy to look at a Linux-compatible netbook.