An Early Spring Hike

Some shots from a hike I took last week, when we got our first peek at sunny spring weather here in Victoria, BC:

Looking west from Wharf St, just south of the Johnson St bridge.

And here’s the view looking south, at the Parliament Building.

This one’s from along the coast, looking out at the distant mountains, near the breakwater at Ogden Point.

And a shot along Dallas Road, heading east and south, with the Olympic Mountains in the distance.

Now on the coastal walkway along Dallas, peeking over a grassy hillock at the mountains and sea.

Little cove along the coast, looking back west and south from the walkway.

Coming up on Clover Point now — a popular spot for kites in the spring — with driftwood lining the beach below.

Heading back home, spotted some cherry blossoms lining the streets in Fairfield, announcing Spring is here!

Ron Toland @mindbat