How can I write, when my heart is broken?

How can I work, knowing my country doesn’t want me, or my wife, or my friends, to live how we want to live, or believe what we want to believe?

How can I stay, when staying means accepting?

How can I speak, when every word marks me out as different?

Tomorrow may be better.

But today, today my heart is broken.

3 thoughts on “Heartbroken

  1. I too hope tomorrow is better because yesterday my country screamed that they didn’t want me anymore. My heart broke, and so did I. I cried for over an hour knowing that over 59 million of my fellow countrymen and women just told me that I was no good, and not worth anything in the grand scheme of things. Everything about me is an affront to my now President and his party. And today, that heartbreak turned into something very different: I am now frightened. I am almost everything they hate in one package. I’m terrified that it’s going to be a repeat of another time in history when people like me checked almost every box and were not just on the list, but were taken away….and became little more than a pile of teeth and hair.

    In case anyone thinks I’m overstating, please click the following link:

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  2. I can’t predict the future, but know that those of us who didn’t vote for hate stand with you, and will fight to keep you from being taken away.

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