Query Time

Opened the novel this week to continue my edits. Flipped open my notes, looked for the next thing that needed to be fixed.

There wasn’t one.

Which means: the edits are done, hooray!

But also means: it’s time to query agents. And suddenly I have the urge to hold onto the manuscript just a bit longer, to do just one more editing pass, before letting anyone in the publishing world see it.

That won’t do. So I’ve been researching agents open to submissions in my genre, compiling a list of five to start with. I’ll find more once I’ve heard back from these five.

I’m already steeling myself for the rejections, but there’s really no choice here: it’s either face rejection, or never have a chance of it getting picked up by a publishing house.

3 thoughts on “Query Time

  1. IMHO: looking for a publisher is like getting into college — apply everywhere. You may get one or two back, but you can compare and contrast — who offers the best pay? who offers the best publicity for your book? that sort of thing. Don’t limit yourself to just five.

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  2. You’re welcome. If it would theoretically take longer to find a publisher than all the writing you did, you did it wrong. I’m a strong believer in that it should take more effort and more time for you to write the book than it does for you to shop it around.


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