Brief Comics Reviews, Take 3

Southern Cross Vol 1 – Great art. Very creepy. Felt there were some strange jumps or discontinuities in the narrative, but overall it’s well-done.

Star Wars: Darth Vader Vol 1: Disappointing. Dialog is clunky, and none of the characters sound like themselves. Art gets confusing, especially during the action scenes. Final moments of the volume don’t land the emotional punch they want to.

Godzilla in Hell: Fantastic use of graphics over dialog. Only the 1st and last entries have an interesting story. The rest seem fine with rehashing monster battles in elemental locales, rather than exploring what Hell might be like for Godzilla.

Wicked + Divine Vol 3: Slow going in the beginning, then picks up later. Not nearly as moving as Vol 2. Feels like the heart might be missing from this one. Art shifts are possibly appropriate, but strange and off-putting. Best segments deal with the gods’ pasts, though not all of them are coherent.

Pretty Deadly #1: Good writing. But the art, to me, is incoherent. Often can’t tell the people out from the backgrounds, and none of the lines seem sharp enough to distinguish objects from each other. Even the panels are cut off in odd ways that made it hard to tell what’s being shown.

Lord of the Fries, from James Ernest

Fun game with a hilarious premise. Rules were a little hard to wrap our heads around — when to pass cards, and who to pass to — for the first game, but each turn went fairly quick even so.

Three things I learned about game design:

  • There’s room for all kinds of games, even ones about zombies running a fast food joint.
  • You can take a familiar game, like Go Fish, and — with a few gentle twists — make it into something new.
  • Streamline your rules. Multiple paths to reach the goal make it harder for players to pick up and learn.

No Sick Days

Came back from Boston with a lovely head cold that made me want to crawl into bed and sleep for a week.

I didn’t though, thank goodness. Instead I pushed myself to hit my word count every day this week, bringing the novel to 75,638 words.

And counting. I still feel like I’m on the tail end of the book, but I have no idea how close to the end I am. I could be another 30,000 words away, I could write through next week and suddenly discover I’m only 10K from the finish.

There’s only one way to know. So, if you’ll excuse me, *sets hard hat on head* *picks up shovel* it’s back to the word mines for me.