One Night Ultimate Werewolf, from Ted Alspach, Akihisa Okui, and Gus Batts

Took longer to explain the rules than to play the game. Not that the rules are complex, just that the game itself is so quick.

Had a good time, but it always seemed like the werewolves had the hardest job. They have the most reason to talk during the day, if only to throw suspicion on someone else. In the games we played, whoever spoke first was probably a werewolf.

Three things I learned about game design:

  • If you build discussion and argument into the game, set a time limit. Otherwise things can get bogged down, and drag on long enough to not be fun anymore.
  • It is basically impossible for players to properly execute a team-based strategy if they don't know what team they're on.
  • If you design gameplay that rewards players for screwing over their teammates, they need to be able to win on their own.
Ron Toland @mindbat