Is This Progress?

Novel’s at 49,793 words.

I’m having to steal writing time from other things. Not set aside time, but literally steal, like jotting down a few dozen words while waiting for my wife to pick me up from work, or hovering outside the bedroom/office in the morning with my laptop so I don’t wake her.

It’s frustrating. I feel like I’m not making any progress, that I can’t build up any momentum. It helps that I’m trying to pants things a little more — easier to snatch time from other things for writing that way — but it also hurts, since without a larger plan of where I’m going I don’t have a way to track how far I’ve come.

I’m trying to be patient, to eek out what words I can until the house is in better shape. But we keep coming across problems in the house that need to be fixed — like the bathtub leak we found two days ago — that keep sucking up all my time.

I’m afraid; afraid that if I don’t get some sort of rhythm going again that I won’t finish the book. And I don’t want that kind of failure hanging around my neck.

3 thoughts on “Is This Progress?

  1. To make it easier, why not type it into your phone, or dictate it into your phone. Then you can email it to yourself and paste it directly into your book, that way you are getting a little closer. Therefore, instead of spending 5 minutes typing what you’ve scribbled down, you spend 10 seconds putting what you’ve written into your book, and the other 4 minutes and 50 seconds to actually write. Does that make sense? It’ll still be difficult, but at least you can get some work done in your limited time.


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