More Brief Comics Reviews

Rat Queens Vol 1: Characters are basically college kids with medieval weapons and magic. Wants to both undermine and keep the D&D cliches it’s reacting to. Doesn’t always work.

Wicked + Divine Vol 2: Holy shit, that ending. Much much better than Vol 1.

Deadly Class Vol 1: I don’t want to like this one. It’s violent, and its characters are prone to the world-weary adolescent philosophizing that felt important when I was their age but is boring now. But the art is amazing, and I can’t stop reading.

The Ghost Fleet Vol 1: Starts out with inventive art and an intriguing premise, then becomes just another massive conspiracy plus revenge story.

Saga Vol 2 & 3: Still perfect. Ye gods, how are they doing this?

Ron Toland @mindbat