Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon

Interesting little book. I finished it in just over an hour, swallowing the thing whole. Part of that was the breezy style, part of it was how similar most of Kleon’s advice is to what I’ve read elsewhere.

Three things that were new to me:

  • Most great artists - and the majority of good ones - are embedded in a scene, a group of other artists that create, share, and respond to each other's ideas. Previously this meant moving to a city and getting involved in its local culture, but today it can mean joining any group of like-minded creators online.
  • The way to ensure you don't overshare is to always be pointing to the work of others and celebrating it.
  • Instead of taking breaks between projects, go from one straight into another, constantly moving from work to work. To keep from burning out, take sabbaticals every decade or so, long breaks where you walk away from doing finished projects to daydream and doodle. But during your working periods, don't pause for breath: finish one project, and start another immediately after.
Ron Toland @mindbat