Apple Woes

For me, the real sign that Apple might be in trouble was when my wife upgraded her phone, and decided against getting a new iPhone.

Understand, my wife’s the reason we’re an Apple family. She convinced me to try out a Mac way back in 1999, in the days of Bondi Blue iMacs and OS 9. The experience hooked me, but the seed planted was hers.

16 years later, everything about Apple frustrates her. She couldn’t organize her photos on her iPhone, couldn’t even access them all without third-party software. Her last iPad update wiped out all the iMovie videos she’d created over the last six months. Apple Maps always led her astray, and Siri never helped.

So she went Android for her last phone. That’s the Apple warning bell for me: my wife is Apple’s target market - smart but non-technical, creative and needing things to just work - and she doesn’t want what they’re selling anymore.

Ron Toland @mindbat