Flash Fiction Friday: Oct 10, 2014

Three more three-sentence flash fiction stories, this time in the genres of Comedy, Romance, and Mystery.


The CEO droned on and on about how well he'd been listening to his employees' concerns. By the end of the meeting, the Board had hit on a plan to address the biggest complaint.The next Monday, half of the employees got pink slips, the other half got cards that said "Congratulations! We've doubled the size of your cubicle!"


Her smile pulled at his heart, his laugh put her at ease. Their hands met while watching fireworks on the Fourth of July, their fingers entwined, a knot holding them together. By the time they whispered "I love you" it was no longer needed: every glance, every touch, every kiss already said it.


Detective Yarborough threw the typed pages down in despair: three people, three confessions, none of which matched up to the evidence. The wife was out of town when the vic was killed, the maid was locked out after 10pm and the business partner had never raised a hand in anger in his life. Yarborough put the pieces together in his mind - no body for an autopsy, a large life insurance policy, three killers that could never be convicted - and booked all three as accessories to insurance fraud: helping a guy fake his own death was still a crime.
Ron Toland @mindbat