Chase, part five: Angela

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It's almost time to leave. I can feel this body breaking down around me. The shakes have started, and I'm getting chills every night. That road rash never healed right. Pulls open every time I bend too far to the left.

I’m too close to go just yet, though. I’ve narrowed it down to two. Just two more catches, and I’ll know.

I’ll have my son back.

Those bastards pretending to be doctors told me he was dead. Lied right to my face. Kept me doped up so I wouldn’t resist, wouldn’t know what was really happening.

Had to swap to an orderly’s body to find out the truth. Just 15 minutes walking around: that’s all it took to learn the hospital was a jail, and my son was being raised by someone else. Someone they had picked.

I didn’t stay long after that. Swapped the orderly for a nurse, the nurse for a cop, and the cop for a string of truckers to follow my son’s trail.

Now I’m almost there, almost to him. Just gotta keep this body together for another day or so. Maybe three.

I can swap out once I’ve found him. He’ll understand. After all, he’s just like me.

Ron Toland @mindbat