5 Signs You're Living in a Dystopia

1. Everyone you know is happy

Is there anything creepier than a society of happy people?

2. No one is happy

Conversely, if you're surrounded by miserable sacks wearing gray and shuffling through life, you're either a zombie in a horror flick or trapped in a dystopia.

3. You can go anywhere, except to __.

We all know why it's forbidden. The secret undermining the whole society is hidden there.

4. No one wants change

People always want to change things: they want more money, more power, more time to play video games. If no one around you wants anything to change, you're trapped in a dystopia.

5. No one knows what a dystopia is

People in dystopias don't read. They don't have any idea they're trapped in someone's nightmare future. If even one person has read 1984, you're not in a dystopia, just a gritty sci fi novel.
Ron Toland @mindbat