How To: Sync Last Read Page Between Nook for Android and iPad

Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble claim their ereaders will sync where you are in your books between the different devices (iPad, Android phone, PC or Mac) you might be reading on. Amazon’s works in the background, without a hitch, but Barnes and Noble’s (Nook) takes some finesse to get working.

I nearly pulled my hair out in frustration trying to figure out why the last read page in my books wasn’t syncing between the Nook software on my iPad and the Nook software on my Android phone. I looked in the Settings for both devices, trying to find something that said “sync” and might have been turned off, but no luck.

Here’s how to get them to sync:

  1. Whenever you finish reading on one device, instead of just closing out the software (or putting your device to sleep), go back to your “Home” or “Library”.
  2. Look in the upper-right-hand corner of your Library screen. You should see a pair of curved arrows. Touch those arrows to force your device to upload its information (last read page, new bookmarks, etc) to B&N’s servers.
  3. When you open your second device, make sure you start out on your Home/Library screen, and hit the same arrows. This will force the device to pull the latest information from B&N’s servers (including the last read page you just uploaded).
  4. Open the book on your second device. It should jump to the last read page from the first device.

That’s it! Hope this helps, and let me know if you encounter any other weirdness while using the Nook ereader software.

17 thoughts on “How To: Sync Last Read Page Between Nook for Android and iPad

  1. Thanks for this tip . I found the arrows on the ipad however I do not find the same thing on the actual nook device. Having trouble getting the ipad to sync with the actual Nook

  2. Greg,

    The nook ereader should perform a sync when you go to your Library. Is it not doing that for you?

  3. I figured out how to sync my android app, but it’s not syncing with my nook. Opening the library does not perform a sync and i do not have the “Last page saved on” option. I ‘checked for new content’ looking for missed updates and I didn’t seem to miss anything… any other tips?

    Thank you,

  4. Well I tried to do what you guys said, but unfornately its not working. I went to the home page of my android and pushed the arrows, then went to my nook and pushed the last page saved on BN.COM but its not working. Please help.

  5. Nevermind I got it to work. I realized my wi-fi was off. I turned it on and then those directions you gave me actually worked. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

  6. Thanks kat, I was getting tired of looking for my page on the Nook after reading on my Android!

  7. So I just found this on a Google search and gave it a try. The Android app does not jump to the last bookmarked page from the iPad app, however I did see that the bookmark was synced and there to select when I opened the contents and went to the bookmarks tab. I wish the Android app would do the same as the iPad one.

  8. The Nook syncing seems to be pretty flaky. This practice will not even work reliably between two Android devices. Mind you, it definitely SHOULD work, and it’s a totally logical thing to try, and if it works for you, great, but it will not work in every case.

    What I have found is that while the reading position will never sync from the tab to the phone (syncs fine from phone to tab, which is more annoying than useful), the other markup — annotations, bookmarks, highlights — will sync both ways without a problem.

    This opens up the field for another simple workaround: Set a bookmark for your last page before you lay down one device to go to another.

  9. I had been on hold for several minutes with b&n support when I found your article. Your instructions for syncing the two worked beautifully!! I didn’t even have to push the sync button on the iPad after syncing the nook. It just did it when I opened the book, asking me if I wanted to switch pages.

  10. Hey there! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the fantastic work!

  11. Mine worked automatically for a while – I would simply open the book on either my nook or my Android and I would get a pop-up box that said, in essence, “You are on page ___ on another device. Would you like to go to that page?” It was great. Then it stopped without explanation on both devices and there has been no sync since. I’ll try what’s posted here. Thanks.

  12. Has anyone been able to work out how to sync a side-loaded book? When I side-load to my Nook the books don’t even appear in my B&N account let alone upload and sync to my Android Nook app.

  13. Chris – You might be able to sync the book if you also side-load it to your Android Nook app.

    This is one area where Amazon has B&N beat. With a Kindle, you get an email address you can send ebooks to, and they show up across all your devices.

  14. Hi, I just found your site when I was having trouble getting my Nook to recognize the last page I was on from when I had read on my Nook app on my iPhone. With your instructions, it worked! However, I am not about to see the highlights I made or the booarked pages. Any suggestions/ideas? I started the book in my Nook Color, then continued on my Nook app. I saw the highlights and bookmarks with no problems. However, the new ones I made are not showing up when I reopen the book on my Nook color.

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