Hope Mingled with Despair

So, Obama won the Presidential race, making me proud to be a citizen of the USA and hopeful that we can turn things around here.

But Proposition 8, the hateful law banning gay marriage and writing bigotry into the California state constitution, looks like it will pass. Thousands of perfectly legal marriages between same-sex couples will be in legal limbo, not officially dissolved but suddenly not recognized, either. The thought that such an evil law could pass in what is supposed to be the most progressive state in the Union makes me fear for the ability of the U.S. to grow up into a modern nation.

For those of you who voted for Proposition 8, I hope you live long enough to see your vote as shameful, just as voting for a law banning interracial marriage is shameful today.

2 thoughts on “Hope Mingled with Despair

  1. I totally agree: it is so very awesome that Obama won, but all the gay marriage initiatives passing is so sad (including the one in Arkansas regarding adoption – WTF?).

    On the bright side: Obama has said he’ll try to repeal the DOMA and it is easy to get propositions on the California ballot, so hopefully the California law will be repealed, or at least the Mormon church will be bankrupted having to fight for it every two years. Also, the democrats finally won a majority in both houses of the New York legislature, which bodes well for gay marriage here.


  2. I’ve heard the City Attorney of San Francisco is going to file suit against Prop 8, as will many of the 18,000 married gay couples in California.

    I can totally see the gay adoption ban passing in Arkansas. After all, interracial adoption was illegal there until 1996(!). Still, it’s sad to see so many states taking steps backward.

    And: Obama really said he’d take down DOMA?


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