Fix for Mac OS 10.5.5 Slow Internet Problem

After installing the 10.5.5 update for my Macbook, I noticed both wireless and wired internet access seemed slower. My wife’s Macbook, running 10.4, didn’t have the same problems.

I did some poking around the internet, tried scanning for a potential Trojan horse (none found), and finally decided to try turning off IPv6 for my ethernet connection (Go to System Preferences -> Network -> Advanced options (on the ethernet options screen) -> Configure IPv6 -> Off). When I rebooted, the problem was gone.

Has anyone else had the same problem? What was your solution?

3 thoughts on “Fix for Mac OS 10.5.5 Slow Internet Problem

  1. It’s a miracle!!!!! I did just what you suggested (turning off IPV6) and my internet launch time and page refresh time returned to the old days of 10.5.4.

    Thank you!!!

    Now, are there any downsides to turning off iPV6?

    Long Island, NY


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