Back from Austin

Got back last night from the Austin Game Developers’ Conference. The AGDC this year was amazing; every talk was either full of useful information, entertaining, or both. I also finally got to meet a lot of the IGDA Writers’ SIG folks I’ve been talking to over email. Many business cards and writing tips were passed around over pints of excellent beer.

I’ll be posting my notes from the conference over the next few days in between prepping for the move to San Diego.

3 thoughts on “Back from Austin

  1. Let me explain.

    No, there is too much. Let me sum up:
    1) Lora and I went on vacation to San Diego three weeks ago.
    2) Lora–who hates all cities–fell in love with San Diego and decided she’d like to live there, if possible.
    3) Everything’s fallen into place really fast–jobs, a place to live, someone to rent out our half of the house in Eureka–to make it possible for us to move out to the West Coast in two weeks.

    For all the juicy details, give me a call when you get a chance, or come find me on Skype 🙂


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