I wish celebrities over 40 were allowed to grow old gracefully, instead of being pressured to starve themselves and inject toxins into their skin to try to look 25.

I wish children were encouraged to experiment and play under adult supervision more, instead of either running amok or being tied up in unexplained rules.

I wish atheism wasn’t against the law in Arkansas, that Christian charity could be extended to include non-Christians living in the Bible Belt.

What do you wish for?

Nokia N810: 3 Months In

I’ve been using my Nokia N810 for a few months now. Though enough time has gone by for the initial “Shiny!” love to wane, I still carry my Nokia around with me everywhere I go.

Why? Because it’s fulfilled everything I wanted it to do:

  1. Replace my forest of small notebooks: Check. I’ve gotten much better at typing on the built-in keyboard, and still enjoy swapping back and forth between using it and trusting the handwriting recognition to make sense of my scribbles. It’s great to be able to jot down a story idea, then come back and fill it in later, all on the same machine. Oh, and I can carry around a single list of all the books I want to buy/read, so when I’m in the bookstore I don’t have to worry about remembering the title of “that great book I read a review about six months ago.”
  2. Serve as my primary ebook reader: Easily. FBReader is an awesome piece of software (for reading non-DRM’d books), and the Garnet VM lets me run my Palm-OS Mobipocket Reader in full-screen mode. Now if only I could buy more books in electronic form!
  3. Replace my iPod: Check and double-check. That’s right, I gave up my Apple Shiny for Linux. I buy my songs on Amazon’s MP3 store, download them to the 8GB card I’ve got in my Nokia, and use Canola to play everything back. Canola’s got a nice user interface, and even recognizes the .ogg files I’ve ripped from CDs!
  4. Read (and respond) to email away from home: Check. I can not only look at GMail in regular (non-mobile) mode, but revise my Google Docs and respond to any forum discussions I’m involved in. The Nokia’s browser renders web pages flawlessly, and connects to local WiFi hotspots without trouble. I only need to take my notebook if I’m doing some programming. Otherwise, the laptop stays at home.

Sticky Notes for your Browser: Posti.ca

If you’ve ever used the post-it notes in OS X’s Dashboard app, you know how handy those little buggers can be.

But (as far as I know), you can’t share those notes from computer to computer, and if you use a non-Mac OS, you can’t use them at all.

Thankfully, Posti.ca has put together a web service that gives you the look and feel of Apple’s Notes Widget but runs in your browser. Since creating an account is free, you can now sign up, create notes, and view them from any computer.

I’ve been using it to jot down ideas I have while at work that I need to follow up on at home. The service seems stable so far, though there are a few bugs they’ve yet to work out.