Nokia N810: First Impressions

This is what my Palm TX should have been.

Granted, the Palm was a good organizer and datebook. But in the 21st Century, who cares about an electronic datebook that can't load Facebook or YouTube properly? I don't need a calendar application, I need to be able to get to my Google Calendar.

I do need to be able to watch videos without a lot of hassle. I do need to be able to read pdfs I've just downloaded. And I do need better text input methods than Graffiti.

The Nokia N810 delivers all this and more.

Here's how:

1) Web browsing: The Nokia's Mozilla-based browser renders web pages correctly, with all their CSS and Flash intact. And on the tablet's 800x600 display, they look great.

2) Ebooks: The Nokia's built-in pdf reader loads pdfs straight from the web and displays them perfectly. I don't need to have them converted first, like I did with the Palm.

3) Handwriting recognition: The Nokia gives me true handwriting recognition right out of the box. Instead of being stuck learning someone else's shorthand (Graffiti), I can train the tablet to recognize my own personal chicken-scratch. That makes it the first device I could see replacing my many notebooks.

Ron Toland @mindbat