Them’s Fightin’ Words

Adam Maxwell, a game designer, recently posted an op-ed on Gamasutra claiming that writers don’t belong in the games industry.

That got this writer’s blood boiling, and I let off some steam with a point-by-point rebuttal I posted to the IGDA’s Game Writers’ Special Interest Group’s mailing list. I was one of many, and we were all in a huff about the article.

Imagine my surprise when Wendy Despain, the Writers’ SIG chair, contacted me about turning my rebuttal into the official SIG response! I re-wrote my screed as a more cohesive–and polite–essay, and Gamasutra posted it this morning.

Many thanks to Wendy for giving me the chance to strike back at the ignorance surrounding game writing.

One thought on “Them’s Fightin’ Words

  1. Excellent show, sir!

    I must admit, however – it almost seems like Maxwell’s article was written in order to stir up trouble. I’m ill-convinced that his “designers v. writers” question he addresses is really a relevant question to most people… in any case, your rebuttal was spot on.


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