Political Matchmaking

Took the matchmaking survey offered by Glassbooth. Their survey won’t find your soulmate; it’s designed to find the presidential candidate whose stance on the issues matches your own.

My results?  Seems Dennis Kucinich (D) is my best bet.  He’s against the Iraq war (and has voted against it every time it’s come up in Congress), he’s for a national single-payer healthcare system, against warrantless wiretapping (voted against the Patriot Act every time it’s come up), and for an Energy Policy that moves us away from oil and coal.

That’s actually how I was leaning to vote in the primaries, so kudos to Glassbooth for accuracy.

One nice feature: the site gives you references for each of the policy positions they claim for the candidates.  I like reading what the candidate has actually said (or even better, how they’ve voted) about an issue, rather relying on some pundit’s assumption that so-and-so is “liberal” or “conservative.”

Try the survey out. What are your results?  Are they what you expected?  Do the results change how you will/would vote?

Ron Toland @mindbat