How To Connect to iDisk in Ubuntu

For those Mac users who have switched to, or are trying out, Ubuntu Linux, here’s how to connect to your iDisk:

Step One:  Go to Places -> Connect to Server (from the top panelbar)

Step Two: Set the Service Type to “WebDav”.

Step Three: Enter “” as the Server.

Step Four:  Enter your .Mac username in both the “Folder” and “Username” boxes.

Step Five: Hit “Connect”.  A folder should appear on your desktop called “”.  Double-click the folder, and enter your .Mac account password when prompted.

That’s it!  You can access your entire iDisk from that folder on your desktop.  When you’re done, just right-click on the folder and choose “Unmount Volume” to Disconnect.

6 thoughts on “How To Connect to iDisk in Ubuntu

  1. Very usefull but it does not connect: it asks me autentication bot it does not connect to idisk as i wrote a wrong password (impossible)..


  2. Luca: I just re-verified that this works from my home laptop using Ubuntu 7.10 (Gutsy Gibbon). Did you double-check you entered your password correctly? Or, in Step Four, did you enter your username in the Folder and Username boxes, leaving out the trailing “” that would normally go there?


  3. this is what mine shows after i click on the desktop icon “Not a WebDAV enabled share”, it does not ask for a password, it just shows that window. i’m running ubuntu 9.04. I’m also trying through an unsecured network in the campus library, if that helps pin-point the problem.



  4. Worked for me, but only in WebDav, secure webdav doesn’t work. Does that mean all my files are zipping around without an encrypted tunnel?


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