How To Connect to iDisk in Ubuntu

For those Mac users who have switched to, or are trying out, Ubuntu Linux, here’s how to connect to your iDisk:

Step One:  Go to Places -> Connect to Server (from the top panelbar)

Step Two: Set the Service Type to “WebDav”.

Step Three: Enter “” as the Server.

Step Four:  Enter your .Mac username in both the “Folder” and “Username” boxes.

Step Five: Hit “Connect”.  A folder should appear on your desktop called “”.  Double-click the folder, and enter your .Mac account password when prompted.

That’s it!  You can access your entire iDisk from that folder on your desktop.  When you’re done, just right-click on the folder and choose “Unmount Volume” to Disconnect.

Just Wondering

Fundamentalist Christians make a lot out of saying that the Bible is the true Word of God.  They use this belief as justification for taking the Bible literally, or at least as literally as they feel like (I don’t think any of them keep kosher).

But is this belief, itself, Biblical?  I remember many times when the Old Testament refers to a particular passage as the words of God.  I don’t remember a broad claim that every book in the entire collection is literally God jotting down his thoughts via holy Morse Code.   Admittedly, a claim within a book that it was true because it’s the Word of God would be wonderfully self-referential, but it would at least support the fundie’s loopy logic.

Do any of you know of such a claim?  A Biblical verse that claims the whole shebang is God talking through a human mouthpiece?

ToT Reviews EVE

The Trackball of Truth has posted a review of EVE Online that sounds all too familiar: great graphics, steep learning curve, klunky user interface. Naturally, he’s stopped playing the game.

I had a similar experience with EVE. I didn’t think the learning curve was too bad (maybe I’m too used to number-crunching my way through a BattleTech game), but even though the graphics were stunning, I spent most of my time flying through space, looking for something to do. I stopped playing because I was bored, something I didn’t think was possible in an epic space opera game.

What about you guys? Any of you tried EVE, or another MMO, and quit because the interface was too hard to figure out or the gameplay was too boring?

Hello world!

Welcome to my new home on the web! As you can see, I’ve moved everything over from the old Blogger site, including the flash fiction pieces from O’Toole’s Pub.

My hope in switching over to my own domain is to have more room to grow and more control over the entire site. Bear with me as I putter around a bit and tweak things here and there to test out my growing XHTML and CSS skills.

Hubble to get New Eyes

The New York Times reports that the Hubble will be serviced one more time next year.

This is great news, since this mission (scheduled to take place years ago) was canceled after the Shuttle Columbia disaster.

I had the chance to work on one of the instruments going up to Hubble–the Wide Field Camera 3–while working at NASA, and I’m glad to see the mission’s going forward.