Another Switch

As part of the switch from OS X to Ubuntu, I’ve lost iTunes, and thus can’t listen to all the DRM-infected music I bought from the iTunes store.

Since I bought more than 3 Gigs of music from Apple, that really p*ssed me off. But rather than strip the DRM from the music (which is now illegal–thanks to the U.S. Congress), or try to run iTunes via Wine, I’ve simply switched to a different music service: eMusic.

eMusic runs on subscriptions, meaning for $10 a month I can download 30 DRM-free MP3 files from their library. That’s one-third of the price of songs on iTunes, and once I’ve downloaded the music I can burn ‘em to disk, move them from computer to computer, or do anything else (non-commercial) I feel like. It’s a simple, straightforward, consumer-friendly (and legal) way to download music.

Why doesn’t iTunes work like this?

Ron Toland @mindbat