Now With 50% More Open-Source

Made the leap today: I wiped OS X off the hard drive on my MacBook and put a fresh, clean install of the newest version of Ubuntu (7.10, or ‘Gutsy Gibbon’) on it.

Everything worked out of the box save for wifi, and there’s a workaround for that. 7.10 looks great, the MacBook feels more responsive, and getting/installing software is easier than in OS X. No Leopard for me. I’ll stick with the penguin.

3 thoughts on “Now With 50% More Open-Source

  1. Still with the Tiger for now… once things get more organized, we’ll see what animal my OS transitions to.


  2. I’m doing the same thing! Ubuntu on the Mac Pro at work, on the mini at home, and on the MacBook Pro for travel (I’ll probably trade that in for an eee PC at some point). Hopefully the MacBook Pro install will be just as easy as yours.


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