Religious crazy vs the Troops

Apparently the only counter-force to crazy American fundamentalist Christians is the urge to support the troops: a Baltimore judge just ordered a church to pay $1 million in damages to the father of an Army Lance Corporal killed in Iraq.

The church members drove all the way from Kansas to attend the kid’s funeral and hold up such uplifting, Christian signs as “God hates fags,” and “Thank God for dead troops.” Really, who would Christ persecute?

Now I’m no fan of the war, but I don’t want to see any more American troops die; that’s why I’d like them brought home. Contrary to the what article says, these people aren’t “protesting,” they’re co-opting the death of someone’s son to push a message of hate. Isn’t that what Republicans accuse liberals of doing all the time? So how many righties are going to come out and chastise these people? Or will they keep giving airtime to Jerry Falwell, James Dobson, and others who cloak their prejudice in righteousness?

One thought on “Religious crazy vs the Troops

  1. Sadly, when it comes down to it, faith trumps reality and reason. Even though they may disagree with the protesters, many people on the right would rather not criticize them with any vehemence, as that would be criticizing people who believe in Christ.A vaguely related story, by way of example: I had a recent discussion with someone about a video from Young-Earth Creationist youth camp, in which the people “in charge,” including the infamous Ken Hamm, are shown making blatantly fantastical and ridiculous statements to the kids about evolution, science, and religion. The person I was discussing this with readily acknowledged that the statements were ridiculous, but ultimately supported the camp, because “they were learning about Jesus,” which was more important to them than the fact that very young children were being manipulated and lied to. They actually said that, to them, it would be worse for the children to not attend the camp and “never hear about Jesus at all.”I can muster nothing more to that than slack-jawed horror. Seriously.


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